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Frequently asked questions

I can't sing. Does it matter?

No. Anyway if you like music then actually you probably can. People usually progress a lot over the first few months. Don't worry. ;)

I'm not very confident.

You'll be in good company then. A choir is a group of normal people. Usually individually slightly insecure singers that make a big confident sound between them. That's the buzz!

Will I have to sing on my own?


I can't read music.

Doesn't matter. Few members read well. We do give you sheet music to use, but non-readers will mainly learn by copying the audio that we give out. Sight-singing develops naturally later!

I won't be able to make it every week.

No worries. There is no minimum commitment. You do what you can/want to. When we eventually perform the same applies -all are welcome, none are obliged.

What will it cost?

The first 3 sessions are free, while you make your mind up if it's for you or not.

After that it costs £230 for a year (approx 35 standard rehearsals at each branch), or £90 for a double term (approx 12 sessions), or £50 for a single term (approx 6 sessions). Concessionary rates (for those receiving pension credit, full-time students, incapacity allowance, job seekers allowance or income support) are £35 for one term or £65 for two, or £160 for the whole year. ​Entirely free​ membership to under 18s who come with an adult member.

Also. Being a member of the Gurt Lush Choir allows you free membership of MAN Chorus, & vice versa!

What sort of stuff will we be singing?

Every flavour of awesome ManSong that we can lay our hands on.

Have a listen to the Manly Moments playlist on our YouTube Channel to get a better idea.

What's the long term plan?

To become a profoundly awesome Man Choir.... However long it takes!